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June 30, 2008



That is cute!


Oh my God, how cute are you?


You are so cute and tiny! And the apron is great as well.

Betty O Rocker

It's so cute! I am in the Whip It Up Challenge, too. I don't have a cute apron, though. :( This has inspired me to make one, though!

Happy Cooking and Apron Wearing!


Lovin' the pink and green!


Very cute missy. I can't wait to read about your amazing cooking talents:-)


So adorable!!


That is too adorable!


OMG. Adorable!


It's so adorable! I love the pink and green. You'll make amazing food while wearing that :)

La Petite Belle

omg I love it! where can *I* get one?


The apron is totally fabulous! I signed up for the Whip it Up! Challenge too, but I shall be doing it sans apron. :(


So glad you're Whipping It Up! And in fashion, too!

I need a cute apron, seeing as I am a mess in the kitchen...


Very cute apron!


Oh my goodness, that apron is absolutely adorable. Despite two failed (and I mean FAILED) turkey dinners, cookies that turned into soup after a full hour in the oven, and numerous other failed cuisine attempts... if I had an apron like that I think I'd try to cook again! (Lord help my family...)

Stumbled onto your blog via Insta-Mom -- she sure does say lovely things about you, and she's right! Love the writing, I'll be around often (though I'm not a big commenter. Trying to be better, really. Because when I start my own blog, I want to know that people are out there!)

Anyway, good luck cooking and I VERY much look forward to the posts!

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