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July 01, 2008



You know its funny, here in Brooklyn about a month ago at the local Haagen-Dazs store they were giving out free honey bee ice cream. I didn't think I would like it, but I did. Save the bees!


You will be happy to know that because this is a "up late a night due to a headache" that I'm more inclined to buy things that people suggest on their blogs.

And also... because of this little bee here..

(I saw this on www.cuteoverload.com my brother suggested it, and now I want all these animals)


Even though I am embarrasingly scared of bees, I still find this troubling. I do like honey! and flowers!

La Petite Belle

hmmm, sorry but I have to say I'm kinda glass. I dislike bees to much. I'm terrified of them! If they didn't feel the urgent need to follow me around and sting me, I'd be ok. But they hate me. I know they are out to get me- as a side note, though, i have noticed this spring/summer that I haven't seen nearly as many bees outside as normal years. that IS strange.


I have and it makes me so sad! Honeybees are so very much more vital than people realize.


Janet, thank you for the very informative post. I am going to buy some of that ice crean this weekend & a T-shirt.

Save the Bees!

I am going to mention it on my blog and reference you, of course.


I meant ice cream!


Just popped over from Insta-mom and...I have a pint in my freezer right now!! And Burt's Bees...THE BEST.

P.S. I LOVE the pictures!

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