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June 03, 2008



Unless of course, you've OPENED the giant tub of ketchup. Then you're stuck with it. And you should probably take pictures.

Seriously. I love my digital SLR (I have a Nikon) but, it IS the bain of my existence... wish I had gone for the small and compact.


So I bought the Nikon D40, and I love love love it. But I definitely agree that something to toss in the bag would be nice, so a compact camera remains on my "to buy" list. Good thing the D40 didn't eat up all of my camera budget :-)


decidering is back!

I also wholeheartedly love Costco. Totally second your recommendation there!


And Costco does terrific prints!


Last week I read an article about a new, compact DSLR.

But did I remember the name of the camera? NO. *sigh* Anyway, screw size issues. I'll take a DSLR any day.


DUDE, no effing way! How cool is THAT? Man, I wish we had a COSTCO

Clueless Cat

Can I just recommend the Panasonic FX500? I bought it about a month ago and love it. It's great b/c it's small and pretty compact, but has 5x digital zoom, plus you can switch the camera to use it manually. I love it!


Sounds like I need to start using my Costco membership more!


Please don't think I'm a crazy stalker. I have a job that keeps me very busy three days straight, and then insanely bored for a week, sooooooo, maybe I've been reading a lot of your blog. (Facebook, gmail, and blogspot are all blocked at work, and there's only so much online window shopping I can do before I allow myself to accumulate some consumer debt.)
I just HAD to tell you you're the first person to convince me I HAVE to get a Costco membership. I never really thought I'd use it, but I feel like I need one now, just in case!
(And don't be scared if you get more comments from me on posts from 08, or 07, swear I'm normal.) :)

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