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June 25, 2008



Hahaha! I could use one in this office right now... my boss keeps it SO COLD in here!


Oh! I could really use one of these. I'm cold ALL the time.


Hahahahaha! That, my dear, is fantastic!!



You need a Slanket! My husband gave me one for my birthday and it is The Best Thing Ever.


I once had a sweater that I could zip up over my head...but this is one thousand times better.


Why are boys so weird about air conditioning? Is it that extra layer of hair? Hmmm, I think I would take the sweater over an extra layer of hair. :)


Wow. That's so awesome in a weird way haha.

touch of red

Only you can pull off such a sylish outfit. A baseball game or a movie might work. Well, maybe not a movie, how would you eat the free popcorn? I love the picture.

Traci Anne

OMG. I so want that. I'm ALWAYS cold!

La Petite Belle

I have the opposite problem. In the summer my husband keeps the temp at like 75. yeah. cause he's at work so who cares if I'm dying of heat stroke at home. oh and in the winter, it's like 60. i'm going to have to buy that sweater!


Haha, that's great! I need that, my husband freezes my ass off!


My roommate thinks I keep the apartment too cold, too! (I prefer the temp to be set around 72-74.) I don't think that's too cold! But she's skinny, so I think she just has a lower cold tolerance than I do.


I need that! I'm cold always.

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