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June 10, 2008



Tough call. I would probably choose Chronicles of Narnia to reminisce on the days of yore (aka fifth grade when we read the book(s?).

Bruce Small

My wife and I have read the Narnia books many times and love them, but we walked out of the movie today. It bore little resemblance to the movie, and was largely an excuse for battle scenes.

Princess of the Universe

I liked it. A lot of people I heard had issues with the....end. But I still enjoyed it!


I thought Indiana was ok-did not think the ending fit with the previous movies.

Really liked Ironman. RD Jr is so funny!

Saw Chronicles of Narnia last night-it has been so long since I read the books so I was totally lost! Peter and Prince Caspian are pretty cute though ;)


Oh Janet, you are not the geeky-geek that I thought you were! I love Indiana Jones. Hope it's good! xoxo


I think I would have chosen Iron Man...or actually I probably would have just gone to see Sex and the City AGAIN! :) But Robert Downey, Jr. was supposed to be really funny and good in Iron Man. Not a big fan of the Indiana Jones adventure-y type movies. But let us know what you thought.


Oooh, I've really been wanting to see the new Indiana Jones movie. I loved them growing up.

Operation Pink Herring

Ironman was surprisingly entertaining. I've seen more than my share of superhero/comic book movies, and it was one of the best. I also saw Indy (movie addict boyfriend), and it was pretty good. I didn't want to kick Shai Labeouf in the face the entire time, and that's saying something!


So, how was it? I'm curious.


Ohhhh! The Narnia movies are great, both of them! Peter is definitely a cutie!

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