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May 18, 2008



One of my political heros too.


If you were forced to endure a boring graduation ceremony, at least you had some eye candy! Score! :)


Hey! I got a new computer a while back since my old one got a virus- and I lost all my "favorties" links... Just yesterday I was trying to redo the pink color on my blog and remembered that I hadn't checked your page in quite some time. :) It continues to be awesomely PINK :). You're great at design. :)


I think he is hot, too! I would sit through a graduation if I could stare at him, and that's saying a lot considering I didn't even attend my own graduation...


Wowza! Looks like I need to visit the city by the bay!


*in your 13-year-old bff's voice* Oh it is SO totally obvious he's staring at you.

haha, I loved this. You have to find SOMETHING to look at during those loooong graduation ceremonies!

Laura Crabtree

You win! My graduation was boring, and my name was even called. It would have been much better if we had a hottie bay area mayor to stare at!!


He is hot, too bad he has horrible taste in women and cars.

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