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May 28, 2008



My suggestion is Ironman. It's hilarious. I went in there thinking it was going to suck and I was happily mistaken.


Son of Rambow is a must - cute, touching, funny, fun.


sex and the city is going to be the best movie of 08!


I can't wait to see The Dark Knight. Christian Bale is just yummy.


I really want to see What Happens in Vegas. I'm hoping it will still be out next weekend-that will be my reward/study break :)


I admire your thriftiness and I'm totally going to have to check out Regal. Here's hoping they have that deal in the Philly area! BUT! How was the movie? I saw the trailer for it at another movie and it looked hilarious.


Do you have AMC near you? I've heard about its AMCinema. Weekend shows before noon are $5.

Debra Sue

Try these:

The Dark Knight
Mama Mia
You Don't Mess with Zohan
The Happening
The Incredible Hulk (Ed Norton = yum)


I'm a little jealous of your movie-going. We're lucky if we get out once every two or three months!


I'm very jealous that you're seeing SATC tomorrow. I realized yesterday that I have a badly-scheduled book club meeting tomorrow, and golf / dinner plans for Saturday. The earliest I'll be able to see it is Sunday!

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