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May 01, 2008



The only thing I know about land-property is that I don't own any :(


Absolutely nothing!!!!


touch of red

Good luck on your final tomorrow. I wish you all the luck that you can hold on to.


If it has anything to do with banking, I'm your gal!


um, I remember once hearing about this crappy thing called eminent domain. And, once, they invoked it on a bunch of people that owned nice land so that some douche could build a shopping center or something. And then some old dudes and dudettes in black robes upheld the decision, I think. Maybe?

That's all I know about property law. Good luck on the test!


Good luck on your PropLaw exam today-- I'm sure you'll shine!

Pink Chihuahua Princess

Shelley's Rule! I loved pt law.

Good luck my blogging friend.



Clueless Cat

Property Law - oh how I hated it. All I remember is cramming for the exam, doing the exam, making some stuff up, forgetting everything, and then miraculously passing.

Good luck!

Chelsea Talks Smack

I love these pics...

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