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April 08, 2008



I would take a vacation as well... but I would set a very strict budget. Especially if I was going to visit England. The exchange rate is murder these days!

Princess of the Universe

Thanks for the advice! I must admit that was exactly the answer that I wanted to hear!
It's just hard to get past the guilt of "I should be looking for some other source of gainful employment"



If you can afford it, go on a trip! But I'm also big on using wisdom. I think everyone knows in their gut what the right thing is to do given their situation. I'm on the job hunt now, and it's been a long process. But if I had the funds, I'd take a vacay before starting a new job!


Go! Go, go, go!!! (hopefully, you have the money to not go into debt.) Find a cheap way to go, and try to be frugal on your trip, but you should definitely go.

And I agree with Janet; you can start the beginning of your job search from there. That's why they have phone interviews, right?


Fabulous recommendation. I totally agree. If she needs help deciding where to go, just let me know! x


Ok, I agree, if you have the time and the means, go on the trip, but I'm going to be the Debbie Downer here. Keep in mind, the economy is not that great (it could be better or worse, depending on where you live) right now, so if it were me, I'd probably have a job lined up before I gave my notice. But then again, I've been in that situation before, and ended up getting extremely lucky, and only right before my unemployment ran out.


Go on the trip. Then if you have a gap between finding a job and getting one it can be simply explained as I took some time of to travel. As travel helps you become a well rounded world view type person!

You never know, there may be jobs in England!

Life's too short to continually work for the man!

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