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April 01, 2008



You are just too cute. Good luck with the decision-making!


That conversation has happened word for word between my sister and I. We suck at decisions. I commend you for your month of decision-making.


What a fun idea!

I need to think of something good for you to decide on...


Perfect! I hope to hear back from many law schools this month, and since I am a terrible Decisionmaker, myself, I'll just send them your way!

Thanks for the lovely offer ... and good luck with dinner :)

Auburn Kat

This is perfect for me! Where should I move? NYC, Buffalo or Raleigh, NC? I can't seem to make up my mind!


Should I do my Property reading or should I just browse the internet until I fall asleep?


Did someone still sliceofpink.com from you? When I click on home (on your blog) it takes me to some other random website.


opps I meant to say "steal"


hey, good idea. best of luck- remember, with great power comes great responsibility ;)


Janet, you are hilarious!

OK - big decision here. Long hair or short hair for me. If you need photos to decide, please let me know. x

Pink Chihuahua Princess

When I have an issue I'll let you know.

This type of decision making is a rule by which I live my life. Its so freeing!


What an awesome post! I love it!


My boyfriend and I are the same too! (although I'm even more indecisive). We both have a hard time deciding on where to eat and what to eat and where to go. And I'm also indecisive in what to wear, and in the end, I usually end up choosing the simplest outfit or the one that I've been wearing most often anyway...


Need to cut hair, it's been months. Do I trim with no changes? Or add side-swoopy bangs?

(Current hair situation is longish, naturally blondish, very few layers, and naturally stick straight... all together now? yawn!)


hahaha that convo sounds EXACTLY like me and my boyfriend, Will.

Maybe it is a Will thing.


loving this idea. I am quite the indecisive one so perhaps I should practice my deciding muscle a bit.

here's my decision/question for you: should I start on my masters degree in the fall in my current occupation (graphic design = MFA Art & Technology) or should I choose a whole new career?

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