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April 23, 2008



I say go for the money!

Btw, I have gone against your decidering and choosen Buffalo due to a job offer I could not passup!


I say take the night shift. But no for a long time. The stress of CICU can take its toll after a while. Remember you may like the boost it gives to your resume, but you also don't want to be burnt out.

Janet I love fantasy shopping! You did good!


I ADORE LOVE LOVE this post. Maybe my favorite ever? You are just too cute Ms. Pink :)


Go for the night shift. $10K buys a lot of pretty things! And if you work 12-hour shifts, does that mean that you only have to work 3 or 4 days a week? If not, then will you get overtime? Because then you'll make $7.50 extra for those overtime hours.


Night shifts! $10k! You can do a lot with that! It can help pay for grad school if you want or go to vegas! Your choice!

Also I hate fancy math!


Thanks, guys...I appreciate all the advice, and maybe i can put a little of the extra money toward paying of the $25K I owe in student loans...that I have accrued in the 16 months of nursing school. But mostly shopping sounds fabulous!!!!!


Go for the night shift. Thinking practically, I have to say put the $10k toward a house. It's a buyers' market right now!


All of a sudden I have a hankering for $10k so that I can buy shiny things!

Chris Cactus

It's kinda like the old-school Wheel of Fortune when you got to go shopping. Fun!


Just stumbled across your ADORABLE blog and I'm in love! You have a new reader. :D


Ha ha!! Love your shopping spree :)
On another note, I would worry about the stress level of caring for more critical patients in the CICU(higher death rate, more meds, etc...) No amount of extra money can help with that :(


where oh WHERE did that bicycle come from?!?!? im looking for a cute bike like that and came across it while reading your decidering posts.

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