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April 02, 2008



I'm in ur source checkin out ur div tags!

I agree about UCSD but I would say NYC for Auburn!

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I agree with Raleigh. I'm guessing it's more affordable than NYC. And it snows a lot in Buffalo. And the boys in NC talk so cute, with their y'alls and ma'ams.

Auburn Kat

The plot thickens...I just got a job offer in Buffalo. I have a week to decide!

Thanks for the decisions! =)


UCLA. Two words, and two words only: Final Four.

Enough said.


NYC is definitely a cold place to live. Beyond that if you are living up north be prepared to be in snow gear most of the winter. However Buffalo is a nice place to live and close to Canada. Raleigh is by far much cheaper to live than NY :P

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