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April 14, 2008



TOTALLY Japan. Those karaoke places are insane. Giant, multifloor (as you said) buildings the size of a small shopping mall -- all devoted to karaoke. And the food and the buildings and the bamboo and the removing of the shoes... ahhhh. It's the best.

But they might pronounce Lidija's name correctly in Iceland. Not so much in Japan, I'd bet.

Princess of the Universe

Japan! And post photos!


I always go for the country with the best exchange rate and/or cheapest booze. But I am a cheap ass motherfucker. :p


A toughie! I've always wanted to visit both Japan and Iceland! I am leaning towards Iceland since recently watching the Sigur Ros documentary. It is an unbelievably beautiful country!


I would have picked Japan too! I would love to go there.

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