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April 04, 2008



Firstly, you are right about Jose!

Secondly, I was in a similar situation, car-wise, recently, and I walked into the dealership determined to stick to my price range. I kept telling myself that *I* was their customer and therefore the one with the bargaining power. They needed me more than I needed them-- I could find a car anywhere! I actually got a lower price, a lower interest rate, and a higher trade-in value that way, so that's my advice on the car-- just stay levelheaded and stick to your guns!


Oh she should definitely apply. A lot of grad schools give you the option of sending an explanation of anything on your transcripts, resume, etc., like a low GPA or a large gap between jobs. And even if they don't officially give you the option of sending an explanation of some sort, send one anyway. They'll read it even if it's not required and put it in your file. In an instance like this, having some sort of work experience would really help your application too. It kind of serves as "proof" that you can be successful in the field of public health if your academic record isn't strong.

Sorry for writing a book. Can you tell I work in admissions?!


jose is a super nice guy.


She should definitely apply! You never know unless you try!!

If she can financially afford it, I would recommend moving out!! I personally love living on my own!!

As for the car, I would recommend public transportation until she can afford a down payment. If a car is necessary then I would recommend creating a budget to see what exacly she could afford and then stick to it!!

BTW, is Jose single? =)


does jose want a blogdistance relationship? :)


If things don't work out for Jose and AuburnKat, and then he strikes out with Carrie, send him my way!

And yay for you deciding on dinner last night...good one!!


Dear Janet,

I love your decider blog. Anthony and I are so undecisive at times that we get annoyed with eachother. I see we are not alone with this problem. Good job on the decisions blog!


Great advice, Janet. And you should advise Jose that you have a single friend in Atlanta who speaks Spanish fluently and loves tapas. ;) xo


I am loving the deciding posts. I think you are an excellent decider as I would make all the same decision. I may have a decision for you soon, as well.


Thanks for the advice. It really helped!!!!!

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