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April 03, 2008



I agree with mid-length and side swoopy bangs, but I would have gone with robin's egg blue. Just because I think it goes with more skin colors.



I would say midlength and blue!


You're doing a great job with the Decider-duties so far! :)

By the way...did you switch to partial feeds (I read your site through Google Reader) on purpose? For the past few days, I've only been able to see the first few lines of your post.


I agree with your decisions. Well done, decider!

And I have the same question as Zandria.


mid-length. swoopy bangs. I keep trying to get them but the stupid stupid hair stylists i go to (cheap ones...next time i splurge) "don't know how" idiots :(

and lettuce. definitely the lettuce


Mid-length, swoopy bangs, blue. I think the blue is prettier.


I am with you on all fronts! I will always vote for green, though. I have a weakness.


Cheers, Janet! You are fabulous! xox

And I totally agree with all your decisions, and I am relieved that I didn't have to make my own. Now, I am wondering about adding side-swoopy bangs and lightening my hair for summer...Ah... decisions...


I'm LOVING these decider posts...great job Janet!

I think Nicole should go with short hair...maybe in a different style than was pictured since that picture looks like it might be a little old...but she looks great with short hair. Not everyone can pull it off, but she pulls it off very well!

Um, hello?!...side-swoopy bangs OF COURSE!! Love them!!:)

I'm going to have to pick the Robin's Egg Blue...it just looks a little more sexy in that dress!


Mid-length! Swoopy bangs! Lettuce!


Thank you, Decider!

I was leaning towards the lettuce, and I think I just needed that extra little push to go all the way.

Lettuce it is!


I'm late, I realize, but I still haven't cut my hair and I am still planning on taking your advise to the salon. I may or may not print it out and just hand it to the stylist: obey her words! Swoop away!


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