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April 15, 2008



Wow! Who knew I was so hip? We "celebrated" this national dish tonight! :-) The old fashioned way of course, with velveeta, butter, and a skillet.


So I gave up dairy products around a month ago, but because of this post...I'm caving. And I am SO EXCITED.

Kate @ nautical by nature

Hey there- just found your blog and love reading it!

Clementine is just down the street from my house (though I won't be able to participate in Grilled Cheese month because I'm in Australia)! I'm going to try some of these recipes- they look delicious!


What a fun idea! We are big grilled cheese eaters around here.


I just had to say this:

If you spent half your time studying law as you did on your blog, I think you'd be our class' valedictorian. Just saying >_>;

Which says something cause you already kick butt! =D


Wow, what if you had grilled cheese every day for the entire month. What would that do to your digestive system?


Chris Cactus

Grilled cheese month? Nice. I have 16 days to make up for!


happy grilled cheese month to one and all!


Gosh, I am starving now. Love grilled cheese!


I saw the $50 Gossip Girl recipe.
It cost so much because it was
cooked in Truffle oil!

I love that show!
We should have a grilled cheese
get together!


Ooooh, cool recipes! Maybe I'll have grilled cheese tonight.

boxer girl

I had no idea April was such a happening month! I love grilled cheese! I can't believe I've lost out on 16 days worth already! My fav is grilled cheese and tuna, melted splat together! Woo Hoo!


ohh how did grilled cheese month come without me knowing it?!


This reminds me...did you know that Jackie Kennedy had a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch every day? Of course you did!


My favorite grilled cheese includes sliced tomatoes and fresh basil with yellow American cheese. Yum!

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