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March 24, 2008



He looks pretty good in his spandex!! But I have to say kudos on the color selection ... pink is your color, not his ... hehe. ;)


Endurance sports really do require some of the most unique colors and attire. Just one of those things. I never thought I'd wear polka-dots, but sure enough, they are a part of my racing uniform for my racing team. They don't stand out much, but they are there.

Very cool that he's a tri-athlete.


No worries, my boyfriend of 2 1/2 years is a pro cyclist, I'm right there with you on the spandex! The first year we were dating, his team wore purple. Good times. What races were those pictures from?


Don't give up on the pink! I didn't, and he finally wore a purple shirt last year. Baby steps!

Also, your hubby is looking very fit! I am very impressed by anyone that can do a full triathlon.


Ha! I totally think Will would rock the pink spandex. Tell him I said so! :)

I'm liking your new masthead, by the way. :)

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