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March 12, 2008



I like the new banner. :-)

And sigh, BlogHer just doesn't coincide with my custody arrangement. Damn kids. Can't have anything nice.


Lest I forget, there was a goodly amount of sarcasm inserted into the second part of my above comment. I'm sure you understand the CYA policy.

Clueless Cat

1. Probably. Cheap things can be fashionable too, but fashionable things just normally aren't cheap. (Does that even make sense? I mean, Target sells clothes by cool designers, as does H&M and Topshop, and they're still fashionable even tho they're not seriously expensive.)

2. Not going to Blogher...but if you do, let us know how it goes! :)

3. I love cheese. Too many to name ONE favourite. I do love brie, that peppered jack cheese...can't remember the name, cheddar, parmesan, and the Boursin creamy ones on crackers, and of course cream cheese on bagels...yummm.

4. I think it's a little different when you're married (like Clinton & Monica Lewinsky), but it's still so sad!!! He's totally groveling now. Or should be, anyway. I'm mostly feeling sorry for his kids.

5. Love the new banner :)


I'll be at BlogHer.


1. I found a theory top at TJMaxx for $40 when it was originally $170. I think it's still fashionable. Same goes for Costco!

2. I will be at blogher! PLEASE GO! (I don't want to sit alone either)

3. Muenster (I'm a cheap date)

4. I would go to the press conference because it would look better for the divorce settlement which will inevitably follow.

5. LOVE the new banner! (as always)


1. omg yes. i want a pair but i don't believe in spending more than $50 on jeans :/

2. i have the same worries but i can't afford to go this year. i will be going to the conference in DC in october though!

3. mmmm muenster. and mozzarella. i looove caprese salads

4. yes. absolutely.

5. yes and it looks hawt :)


Helllllooooooo we will be sitting together drinking champagne with all the blogger friends you definitely plan to introduce me to.



Oh and PS I LOVE the new banner. The font I used that you liked is called EYELINER. :-)


Your new banner is tres cute!


1. Nope, they must be on their way out. Which is dumb.

2. Nope! But it doesn't look like I'm going to be there.

3. Anything with sheep's milk

4. Yes, I would have handed him his testicles in a Ziploc and told him to man up and do it himself. Also, I would like to think that I would have noticed a missing $85,000 and wonder what the hell he's doing with that kind of pocket money.

5. Yes! love it!


I love the new banner!!

1. Definitely. Good jeans are hard to find anywhere, so if a pair fits-- buy two.

2. I hope you're drinking champagne! I wish I could join ... alas, no.

3. Havarti Dill

4. I would totally be packin' up his things ... no way I'd be sitting pretty besides him. Although I think maybe that's one of the (unfair) liabilities of being the wife of a public figure. Still don't think I'd do it, though.

I definitely feel sorry for his kids, though.

5. Great job with the banner!


1 - Yes, thrifty is so hot.

2 - Not if you come to the business seminar one in Atlanta. :)

3 - Goat's cheese.

4 - Packing is too nice. Thrown on lawn would be more like it.

5 - Lovely banner!



1. Fashionable enough for me, but I have asked myself the same question.
2. Definitely drinking champagne.
3. Goat cheese or bufalo mozzarella
4. I would think so, but I do admire someone open to forgiving.
5. Love the banner!


1. Sure!

2. Ummm... you decide.

3. Goat cheese OR a very sharp white cheddar. Or both.

4. I've heard people say that maybe she did it for her kids, to show that she didn't abandon their father during a dark time. But, um... that doesn't work for me. Because he left her AND their kids, in a manner of speaking, a long time ago.

5. Love the banner. So appropriate for law school. Does this make you Legally Brunette?


1. I've wondered a similar thought myself.
2. I'm sure you'll be surrounded by friends. I love champagne, so I'd drink it with you.
3. Sharp, reduced-fat Cheddar, Cabot horseradish, and I keep hearing good things about Babybel Gouda. Gouda's the new pink.
4. I feel most sorry for the teen daughters.
5. I saw the new banner when I clicked over from Google Reader to comment.


First off, loving the new banner.

Second, I will be at BlogHer. I just started reading you a few weeks ago, but I'd love to meet you!


Cute banner and would love to know the font.


#4. Midwestern wife here. Yes, I would be busy rubbing my foot, which hurt, because I had kicked his ass out of our Park Avenue penthouse, right back to the fancy hotel room he had booked for the lady of ill repute he had hired. I think that would show my girls that I have enough self respect to say, hey, I honor my marriage vows, but when you piss me off, you piss me off. I'd tell him to call me in a month, and we'll talk about counseling. But that's just me :)

Sorry, got so worked up over question 4, could not answer other ones! But your banner is lovely!


1. I pretty much love everything Costco. So I'm ok with it.
2. I'll share my champagne with you at BlogHer!
3. Smoked Gouda. mmmmmm.
4. Maybe he's paying her off.
5. Love love love the new banner! Reminds me that I need to make a new one. xoxo


1. Yes. Who could tell?

2. What's BlogHer?

3. Diary products don't agree with me.

4. Packing? I'd be setting his stuff on fire out in the backyard.

5. Love it. Although, I miss the voting one.


Nobody needs to know where you purchased your jeans.

I love all cheese except goat--blech.

Love your new banner--very cute.

Yes, I would be too busy throwing my husband's things out on the lawn to set fire to them to have time to attend a press conference.


p.s. Blog Her--definitely go!


You? Sitting at the back of a room by yourself? If I'M there...never! But yes, we might just have to have some champagne. :)

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