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March 13, 2008



Those are some really cure outfits. We should met up for St. Pattys day. =)


Cute schtuff. I found a green t-shirt at a thrift store that says "St. Patrick's Day: Race for the Beer." I can't wait to wear it.

Princess of the Universe

I think outfit #1 is my favourite- can I just wear that for the next 4 days?


I'll take them all, thank you :) WAY cute.

Nicole Keadle

Yay! Saint Patrick's day at grand assembly...
whoo ho..

So I LOVe LOve LOVE the Apple ring! OMG
Tell Will, I say Mofo, just for the heck of it!!!


Oh my goodness I might be spending all my time on that site now. I love outfit outfit number 2! That is my style to a T.


You are so cute! I especially love the apple ring :)

Clueless Cat

I love the apple ring and the sandals in the first outfit! :)


I want it all! Especially all of the shoes and that whole first outfit. Have you seen my living room? I can't resist it!


Love the pink & green outfit!


I think I'm going to kill myself with how cute all that is. I was just coveting (sorry, for that, Pope...I'll celebrate St. Patrick's Day 3 times and make up for it) that dress on the Lilly website earlier and thought "Man, that'd be perfect for St. Patty's".


I will be wearing my green!



You know, I think I only own ONE green shirt, and it has red blocks spelling "Vertigo" on it because it's a U2 shirt. However, I must say that looking at all these cute green clothes makes me want to go out and buy green stuff! :)

Tashya Dennis

Wher did u get those outfits from?

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