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March 21, 2008



When I packed for vacation two weeks ago, it was the first time in history that I was able to pack like a "magazine layout" with the perfect amount of clothes. Then our flight got cancelled because of a snow storm and we stayed three extra days. I ended up wearing jeans that I had already worn twice 3 more times lol!


Oh, how relevant this is to me. I'm going to Florida for 5 days - but two of those days will be spent flying to and from Florida, so really, three full days. I laid out my outfits nicely, one for each day and one for each evening. And once it was all packed neatly in the suitcase? The doubts started flowing. What if it's chilly? Extra two sweaters. What if I want to go running? Extra sneakers and t-shirts and shorts. What if we go to lounge-type restaurant instead of a family-type restaurant? Extra cute, shiny shirt.

I'm sure you understand!

Jennifer Berthiaume

I am exactly like you, except that I definitely remember underwear. It's the pajamas that I ALWAYS forget. I packed for 3 days and I needed a suitcase that had wheels. And I was going camping in a cabin and looking after a bunch of high school students. Who has to look good for that? Me, apparently.


I am frequently required to pay overages at the ticket counter because my darn bag weighs too much. Such is life. (How do I know that i won't need several sweaters in Tuscon?)

Elysa Rice

I am quite the good packer maybe I should provide advice to the packing challenged. The forgetting the underwear is quite funny. I usually forget things when I'm making short packing trips like to stay at a friends house one night. When I go on real vacations I'm pretty good about bring what I need.


Ummm,try packing for 4 months at a time and with two completely different climates! I totally pack like you do. One weekend has to have at least 1 big bag and two smaller ones. Yeah, totally know where you are coming from:-)


This was so relevant! I'm planning a weekend (i.e., 48-hour) getaway in April. This should be a no-brainer: one carry on bag, right? I'm already agonizing...weather? dinner at home or out? look sexy or lounge casually in sweats? high heels? low heels? jeans? black jeans? sweater? jacket? fancy underwear? trying-not-too-hard underwear? Help! This is the worst! I'm already wondering if they still sell steamer trunks!


I just say "I don't know what I'll be in the MOOD to wear." But using the Lucky shopping manual has actually helped me out a few times. :)


I am a horrible packer. My husband...he's good.



I am an awful packer. I usually forget something obvious like my bras or something.

Princess of the Universe

I always forget a toothbrush and pj's.


ha! i understand the urge to pack until the bag is bursting. i'm getting better at it... i lay stuff out, but no one's wardrobe is so versatile to be combined in a billion different ways. unless all you wear is black and white


Once, I packed 5 pairs of shoes... for a four day trip. And then I bought shoes while I was there.


I completely understand overpacking. A few years ago, I worked as a camp counselor and backpacked all summer long, which meant I carried the same pack, with everything I brought for the summer in it, all summer. That amazes me because now, when I go away for the weekend, I've got a huge, rolling suitcase with no fewer than five going-out outfits, running clothes that I consistently never use, at least two pair of shoes ... but hey, at least I'm prepared for anything!

Chelsea Talks Smack

Oh GAWD, Im a TERRIBLE packer....I move a lot, I mean A LOT and travel A LOT and I just throw shit in a big, I swear you can fit more things when you just throw it in in a messy bundle.


I like to think that I'm an okay packer, but when I am stressed out or pressed for time, I revert to my "just in case" strategy, which results in way too much stuff. If I make a list ahead of time, usually I can curb that impulse, though.

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