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March 10, 2008



I usually just go for the standard coffee or a simple espresso drink, BUT, one time I did order a "tall sugar-free vanilla latte with skim; no whip"...and it was crap. I think the "skim" pushed it over the edge. Who wants coffee with watered down milk, anyway??

(but that honey latte DOES sound intriguing! hmm...)


Just plain, nonfat cafe latte. mmmm


That does sound yummy. My favorite honey treat is this: take a slice of white bread. Smear on a liberal amount of honey. Let it sit for a minute. Enjoy the semi-crunchy goodness that is honey bread.

I get mad when I order a skim iced strawberry frapaccino and they hold the whip. I know.


oh thanks for making me now have to go to starbucks! I'm in love with honey too. So let me get this straight, you have an obsession with peppermint and honey, anything else? I love both by the way and I'm going to add cinnamon to my list, ohh ohh and pumpkin.


Iced venti non-fat latte with two pumps sugar-free vanilla, two pumps sugar-free caramel. Or a grande non-fat wet two splenda cappuccino. I kind of hate myself, but I do it.


I like plain ol iced coffee, then I milk and splenda it up at the bar. Honey sounds good though!


I am not a fan of honey. I do not drink coffee. The other night when I was picking up a hot chocolate, the barista wanted me to try the honey latte. I told her I wasn't a coffee drinker and passed on it. A couple of minutes later she offered me a honey "creme", not wanting to be rude i took it and thanked her. So then she stood there waiting for a reaction. I amazed myself. It was really good! It didn't really have that heavy honey flavor that would have done me in.


hello yes, i'd like a non-fat chai latte, please.


Tall caramel frappacino with whipped cream.

We tried the honey frap the other night and hated it!!! It may be better as a latte.


Clueless Cat

That does sound interesting...!

I normally order skinny caramel machiattos (gotta compensate for the caramel somehow, right??), iced/hot depending on the season. yum. :)

Jennifer Berthiaume

Marble Mocha Macchiato(sp?), upside down.


I love honey but i am not really a fan of the honey latte a little too sweet for me. Try the Cinnamon Dolce Latte. It smells like cinnamon sugar toast and tastes like heaven. mmmmmm


Yep I always ask for Skim Milk and extra whip cream. I think the second cancels out the first but I I feel better for saying it:-)


mmmm...Tall, no-whip mocha gets me every time. I change it up once in a while an get a shot of peppermint :)


tall 2 pump cinnamon dolce latte, 2 percent, with whip...mmmm good!


Starbucks recently came out with "skinny lattes" which sum up my order great. But before, my order used to be "grande skim cinnamon dulce latte with sugar-free syrup and no whip and extra hot." Now I say "grande skinny cinnamon dulce latte, extra hot." It definitely got shorter!

Nicole Keadle

Venti Passion Tea Lemonade Sweetened with six pumps classic and six pumps melon! MMM!


I, too, am a honey-straw-sucker. Or at least I was, until I moved to China. Here in Beijing, they have Starbucks (thank God), but no honey lattes. No honey sticks. Usually, no milk in the shiny silver containers. Also, I tend to order in Chinglish: "Wo yao yige decaf grande non-fat mocha, yidiar cream." Once, I tried to ask for a hot chocolate with just a little bit of chocolate for my daughter. But I guess the way I said it was wrong. So after the counter staff conferred in Chinese for awhile, they kindly handed my a hot chocolate... in a sample sized cup. Technically, I'd asked for a "little chocolate" instead of a "little bit of chocolate."

You thought it was hard to order coffee stateside....


You know, I was very excited when I saw that new drink, and I ended up HATING it. Seriously. I think it tastes like a Riccola. My fave is the cinnamon dolce latte--but they only make it at certain branches.


Janet, i totally do the honey thing too. I just love popping the little bear open and drizzling it down my throat, splendid, really!


I'm really not a coffee or honey person, but that sounds delicious!


When I was pregnant I used to order a Grande-Decaf-Skinny-Vanilla Latte (no whip)! xoxo


I love honey, and I love coffee, but I didn't love that drink. Maybe because I got it with no whip. But it was a weird flavor combo for me. I just stick with a non-fat latte or non-fat caramel macchiato at Starbucks.


Ha! Mine is tall vanilla latte with skim milk, hold the whipped, extra shot of espresso. I have trained my husband to say this as well--it comes in handy when we are staying at a hotel that doesn't have coffee in the room but does have a nice big Starbucks down in the lobby, which obviously is how they want you to get your coffee, unless it is from room service. But no coffee maker in the room! What the! So send husband to Starbucks with the above order & all is well with the world.

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