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March 03, 2008



I'm so proud!!!

Clueless Cat

Wow. those. look. so. good!!


beautiful job! and i think you're on to something. baked goods and vino would help de-stress your clients


Those treats look lovely! I think you should start with Contracts & Cupcakes and then franchise to Wine & Wills. And then retire.


Looks delicious!




The cookies and milk idea would really help my industry. Although if you serve cheese with your Wine and Wills, I could buy into that venture, too.

Those PB cup cookies are my fav, although the rest look delish, too!


Oh, and it would kind of be like that show, "Ed," with the lawyer's office in the bowling alley. Loved that show!


Those look amazing!


It's definitely better than Donuts and Divorces...


Sign me up for Wine and Wills!


During my short career as a paralegal I realized how much people who were coming in to work on their wills hated thinking about it. They always seemed v depressed and sad, like they were going to drop dead tomorrow. No one likes to think about dying but maybe the Wine would help with that?! Worth a shot.


love love LOVE both ideas...but i do agree that Wine and Wills would be much less work and much more fun.

lets bake the peanut butter cookies when you come visit

Jennifer Berthiaume

So you're saying drunk at work, as opposed to fat, is the lesser of two evils? haha.


I would come to both of those shops to get legal advice, because nothing is better then the law with a little cupcake and wine on the side.


those look soooooooooo delicious!

And I thought for a minute you would also give away husbands in your 2nd venture.


YUMMY! I just made the Pioneer Woman's peanut butter things too and they are awesome. They disappeared so fast and I'm not exactly sure who ate them all.


If you were in Michigan I would make up an excuse to come to your law office:-) Hey just take the bar in Michigan too you know just in case.


What a riot. I would like wine and a cupcake with my will please. Thanks for visiting me on my ole bloggy! I love those pb cookies with the resses in them....please send me one.


Oh my god that looks awesome. I wish I could join you especially if you are topping it all off with a glass of delicious wine. Quite impressive ladies.

Word Perv

Oh so lovely!!! Betty Crocker has nothing on you!!

Chris Cactus

Wow, I want a cupcake right now.


That's quite a time commitment on baking the goodies (although they look quite scrumptious!). Good for you two!

(I don't blame you for changing the name for your future law practice!)

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