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February 21, 2008



sounds eerily similar to what phd students do...


I'm pretty new to reading your blog... and I love it. That MASH site is too fun, I used to play that all the time... In JR high!


Those topics are also discussed with a frightening frequency in my office. You would feel right at home. BTW the most popular episodes of Saved by the Bell here are Jessie's addiction to caffeine pills and the one where Brandon Tartikoff makes the PSA about doing drugs. We really enjoy the 'issue' eps.


Oh gosh, you just made my morning by mentioning Saved by the Bell! Loved it!! A little creepy that Screech and Mr. Belding have turned into, ummmm, pervs? Mr. B was on tmz.com the other day...a little creepy, and since it's TMZ it has be right, right??:)


Oh, how I would love to join in the conversations about Saved by the Bell. I swear I've seen just about every episode.


i work in a law school and i can concur that every time i've gone down to the student lounge, that's all going on...usually with some ping pong on the side


oh MASH. Loved that game!


And here I thought you guys all sat around talking about obscure lawyer-y things! WTF? :)


Saved by the Bell trivia is the best! We used to play all the time in study hall.

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