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February 19, 2008



Yum!!! I *love* Cafe Bernardo... Can't wait to be in Sac now, purely for culinary reasons.


Oh i can't wait to try it out! Thanks! You're such a good friend.


I just read "Amaretto Butter" and almost peed my pants with excitement.


Mmmmmm.... now I'm HUNGRY!

Magnolia Sun

OMG that looks so wonderful.

Heather B.

I thought that was ice cream on it for a second. Though if that isn't ice cream, allow me to experiment on that one for you. I insist.

class factotum

Sure, you can have it made for you for $7, but you could make it for yourself for under a dollar! (Saith the cheap one)

(Under $2 if you make the amaretto syrup and butter)





you've inspired me to make some this weekend!


mmm that looks delicious!

we don't have any amaretto in the house though..so i am trying to think of other boozes i could improvise with!! haha


That sounds really good...but if you were a REAL friend you'd just come over and make it for me. I can't cook.




Just the type of dish I've been in the mood for. Thanks for the recipe!


I had homemade French toast with vanilla and cinnamon this weekend just cause I saw your post. Yours looks yummy, mine was too..thanks for reminding me hoooooooow gooood french toast is!


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So glad you had a good time. Hey after your husband drinks that stuff, he will see 3 of you. What every man dreams of or dreads! LOL

Glad your home safe.


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