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January 29, 2008


Lindsey G

I can't decide (both look great), but I do think that the bangs give you a more mature look...I think it's something to do with "framing the eyes"...


You're totally rocking the bangs! (It's soooooo Katie Holmes-Cruise.) I like it! :)


I'd go with the "not- swept" look.


Sweep. Definitely sweep. The "non-sweep" looks a little too 70s for me. Maybe if your hair was longer...


loving the non-sweep!


I like the bangs!!


Definitely non-sweep... very chic! Love the bangs.


I'm a fan of the sweep. Super cute :-)

But I like the fact that you can switch it up. So, really, just go with whatever looks best with that day's outfit. Really.


You are rockin' that do! I like the bangs. And I'm usually not a fan of bangs.


you look do damn adorable any which way.
go with how you feel at the very moment.

is vacaville nice?


Both look great, but I say if you can get away with not sweeping, do it. I wish I could, but I'd look ridiculous. Besides, the non-sweeping look will probably only be around for a limited time, so enjoy it while it lasts. There's my two cents. :)


Oh you cutie! Either way s great! I'd keep the sweep for extra special occasions, and then add a bit of sparkle to it too!


I'm for the swept look. I thought Katie Holmes was a cutie before but not now. And that Tom Cruise has turned her crazy. I can see them sitting at home with baby suri waiting for the spaceship to come and pick them up!


Holy adorableness! I really like both, but the sweep is more elegant. And as we all know, if Target is anything, it's elegant.


Yeah, I think they both look really cute, so just alternate between the two for variety.

Pink Chihuahua Princess

Sweep, girl, sweep.


I like the Katie Holmes look...it's in, I'd go for it!

And btw, I'm a little upset with you...I now have Ricky Martin's "She Bangs" stuck in my head...thanks for that!!:)


I like the not-swept look.


80's mikey says: Dude, those bangs would look so RAD if you teased them straight up. Like, totally.

Thank gawd 80's mikey is gone. But his ghost still haunts me.

Seriously tho, I much prefer the unswept look. But I'll be careful not to objectify you, as it's only my second time here.


They both look great, but I think non-sweepy looks the best!


Bangs are in this year sister. And you wouldn't want to rebel against the latest Paris trends, would you? :: gasp ::


I think its great you pull both the looks off. I say sweep for days and non-sweep for nights?! Non-sweep does look more polished though.

Natalie Norton

OOOH. . . totally diggin' it both ways, but if I HAD to choose. . .hmmm. . .maybe it would depend on the occasion. Target you say? Sweepy. Totally.


I agree, go with whichever most suits the outfit of the day. You are able to pull of both well!


LOVE that haircut! I like the bangs either way, really.


You Rock both looks and I love haircuts where they are versatile enough to change a bit... but I think I am in love with the bangs... they are all the rage and your fall just perfectly!

Chris Cactus

I'm going to say sweepy. Yep, sweepy.


both look great. blunt looks more trendy/edgy and side swept looks more elegant, and or casual.....that's my .2 cents:)


You look gorgeous either way - but I think you look extra hawt with the non-swept bangs. Makes your eyes pop.


Non swept although I love both.


I like the non-swept. I am LOVING Katie Holmes' hair right now!

If your bangs are anything like mine, they will tell you what they want to do on any given day and trying to force them to do something else will be impossible.


I say the sweepy bangs, the non sweepy(which I have been playing with also), make your face look a little chubby. I love you!

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