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January 03, 2008


Chris Cactus

That's fantastic!


That's such a cool tradition. And, the once-a-year thing means you won't have, like, walls and walls of snow globes to schlep around.


That is lovely!

The packaging is totally cool as well.


What a wonderful tradition. I really like that idea :)


What a lovely sentiment and a beautiful globe! x


That is an awesome snow globe! I remember seeing Carrie on Sex and the City with a similar snow globe on one of the episodes and I have wanted one ever since.

Happy New Year by the way!


Well, now we know what to get Lesli for Christmas! She is good people, if not only because she likes Sex and the City, but also because she has good taste.

I love the snow globe, especially the story that goes with it and good job on the wrapping Will.

You two are like a freakin' Hallmark card, I love reading you every day. Ever thought of having your own reality show? :)


That's pretty cool.


Ah I have PANGS for New York. Only been once but I love it. No, I am IN love with it. We are just having a long-distance relationship which is a bit of a strain. Love your snow globes.


I was actually thinking of starting a snow globe collection for GracieGirl. She loves them. xoxo


Wow! What a beautiful snow globe. He did very good.


That's an awesome tradition. Good for Will! And I love the one of NYC. :)


Found your blog. Love it! I take a peek inside your world now and then. I hope you don't mind. My husband and I love the traditional snowglobes. Especially those from New York City. Great tradition! You SHOULD leave it out all year long!

Unnaturally Blonde

What a great tradition! My husband and I are Christmas tree ornament collectors now, well since we've been married. He would love the NY snow globe too since that's his homeland!

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