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January 26, 2008



I'll refrain from making a comment about "men." ;-p


he should have taken a gas pill before beforehand.
what did YOU have???


I'm not entirely sure how I arrived at your blog, but I feel it's time to gome out from lurkdom & at least post a comment.

I can't believe he didn't have third degree burns from his mouth all the way through his digestive tract with that hot dog. The pain in his stomach was probably that scary combination burning a hole through it!


i think my husband would agree on all counts. But just ew!


Haha, yeah, no kidding! It does sound good to me, though:)


What "any self-respecting man would order?" Oh, Lord...I've heard THAT before. MEN! :)


shouldn't have read your blog while I was hungry:)


Men, can't live with. Can't live without them.

At least I can cross that reason off my list of possible explainations for my stomach pain.


Haha - yeah it would be difficult to have sympathy for someone who actually ordered that by choice.


I'm not sure how anyone could eat something called 'The Gut Bomb.' That's just asking for trouble!

Btw, this would be a good time to remind Will about the Chef Boyardee that he bought for you...remember, he said something along the lines of 'you think I would eat that?'...I bet YOU didn't have a stomach ache from the Chef Boyardee!

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