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November 14, 2007



you and me both!


Sorry to all of the Martha lovers out there, but I'm not a fan! However, I went to The View a couple of months ago and Martha was a guest...that day Martha totally rocked since she gave us all a $50 Macy's gift card and a plate from her new collection!! I was probably supposed to spend the gift card on Martha's collection at Macy's but nope, I went straight for the Clinique counter...oops!


Um, no. I think we are putting up a tree. I think? x


I wouldn't mind going to a party that someone else puts on with all of those things...


Count me in for the pomengranate centerpiece!...er, no.


Okay, not that I will probably ever do these things but I found the below intriguing:

A centerpiece of pomegranates, pears and grapes--kinda cool, no?

A homemade rhinestone necklace for my dog (and maybe cats?). Sounds tempting!

Collect old reindeer from flea markets, yard sales, etc.--might be interesting, but probably won't happen.

And flattering lighting for my guests--that I think I can do!!

Thanks, Janet--I don't usually read Martha Stewart but I do like her other magazine Blue Print (part of the Martha family)

Wow--my longest comment ever!


My favorite was the gingerbread town square cake. Not just a house, but a town. My daughter and I were laughing so hard because we have made gingerbread houses in the past and know how difficult they are. We were trying to imagine who in the world would have the time and patience to make something like that. You would need a contractor to help you, and it would take a village!


It's so much easier for me to know what I WON'T be doing than what I WILL do! :)


That list just makes me tired. So, um, I won't be doing them either.

Tashya Dennis

I think me and my friends are addicted to Martha's food magazine. I am making the cheesecake out of there for our potluck Thanksgiving dinner. I am excited. I think he is making the sweet potato dish. Excited.


I'll get around to that list when I'm done making a scale replica of my home out of gingerbread.

I love Martha but that is a list I would never ever have time to do.


"Transform beads into dinner plate sized snowflake ornaments." --- really?! some people have too much time

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