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November 11, 2007



Yay for big closets! That was so nice of Will to let you have your own space. Ah...it sounds like a sweet, sweet space to stretch out and do with as you want! :)


I would have adopted that six-pack too! And as much as I hate to admit it, I think the posts I write after a glass of wine are always a little bit better.


You were just giving some orphaned beers a good home. I think you were being quite charitable, actually!

Also: "I have a $200 bottle of champagne sitting in my fridge right now. We will be drinking it from 50 cent Ikea champagne flutes. Classy."

I would say you sound like me, except that my bottle of champagne was like, $5 because I like it pink and cheap. Though if someone were to throw a bottle of Veuve or Cristal my way, I wouldn't object.


I love Ikea. They have the best snacks and cute furniture!


i would be too scared the beer would be tainted or something. Imagine what that person was saying to themselves when they found out they didn't get it. I can only imagine what my husband would be saying.



I'm insanely jealous of you as there is no Ikea where I live. Someday soon, I hope.


50% of your list is about booze... heeheehee :)


I need to blow off work one day and spend a day in Ikea. Actually, scratch that. I'll need a week. x

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