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November 05, 2007



I'm currently trying to survive my final exams so I'd say smarter ... but any other time, to be honest, I'd say sexier.

Miss Hass

Sexier. Definitely.


I'll say sexier. I'm not the smartest girl in the world, but I don't walk around feeling dumb most of the day. I do often feel frumpy though...


Sexy, for the same reason as Janet number two.



Smarter. Because smart is sexy! xoxo


I say sexy, too. I've always been the smart sister. Which is just code for "not as pretty". Shrug.


I'd say smarter. I'm already smart AND sexy but looks can fade and smart is forever.


I would definitely go with sexier. I'm happy with my smarts, but would love a bit more sexy.


We're going for honesty here, right? I'll go with sexier, without a doubt!


I'm going with sexier too!


I've never wished to be smarter, but I have wished to be sexier. :p


I think it changes on the day.

Some days I feel like a smarty boots, and others not so much. Some days I feel like hot stuff, and others like I can't get my act together.

I vote for mainly feeling more well-rested.


I vote for sexier, because I'm already really smart. Carmen's answer makes a lot of sense to me!

benji Coleman-Levy

Maybe it's a guy thing, but honestly, I'd say smarter.


Hmmm that is tough, but I would say sexier I agree with Carmen. I am happy with my smarts.


Sexier. No doubt.


Hmmm. Can I split it and have a little of both?

I think it depends on the day... but if I was completely honest; I would have to go with sexier.


I think I would chose sexier. I know I am a relatively smart cookie, but I would definitely like to bring the "sex kitten" all to the forefront.

Slice of Pink

Maybe it's just all the law school talking, but I would say smarter. For sure. Somehow, the benefits of being smarter seem to outweigh the benefits of being sexier. At least in my little corner of the world.

That being said, I just spent the last twenty minutes painting my toenails rather than reading my criminal law book. So there you go.


Smarter. Beauty fades but smarts are forever.


Smarter. Not that I feel dumb (and I'm definitely NOT saying I feel super-sexy), but I would *definitely* like to be a lot more well-rounded in my knowledge - being well-read is ok, but I am hopeless at keeping up with politics and current events.

As above, sexy comes and goes - but smart is forever.

Bethany Coffey

Sexier, for sure. Fuck the sellout police. I feel like i'm pretty damn smart as is:)



I consider myself fairly intelligent.


How awesome for Carmen! She's such a cool lady (I got to meet her at the BlogHer 2007 conference).

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