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November 20, 2007



It's quite impressive to make a fire hydrant look beautiful!

Kristian gets a lot more done on days off than me. I tend to sit around relaxing. He tends to do things like clean the yard. We had radically different days last Sunday. :p


I hope you have a most wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! You deserve the break. :)


As a teacher myself, I find the teachers who complain the most about it being hard are the teachers that do the least amount of work and have the easiest teaching jobs. They teach children who talk and don't wear diapers. And they only work the contracted hours. I would like to argue that law school is not as hard as teaching 7 3-5 year old with moderate to severe disabilities...put a lawyer in my classroom for 5 minutes and suddenly law school seems like party school! But, even though my job is hard, it's the best job in the world!


I understand, I have considered everything else quite simple since I started an accelerated nursing program...and I hate listening to people gripe about how hard their lives are, since they have no CLUE!

But to be honest, I could never go to law school!


That man's a keeper!

Pink Chihuahua Princess

Having taught and done law school myself...girl, I agree!!


Having taught and gone to post prof school, i agree with you. And I worked in one of those Snooty, Top-Tier, Manhattan private schools. You can't possibly imagine the complaining that goes on there. It's an artform.

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