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November 13, 2007



Eek! Gorgeous!


I can't believe how freaking cute that dress is.

I love all things miniature (small plates for appetizers, petit fours, tea cups, doll house furniture), but this miniature dress is the best!


That is super-cute! Love the idea.

Chris Cactus

That's awesome. Fantastic Christmas gift.


that is too cute!


Oh, that is adorable! My wedding reception had an Asian flair to it and I wish I would have had those for the wine and champagne bottles! Also, what a cool MIL you have!

Pink Chihuahua Princess

Now, that's high fashion!

Hope law school is going well.


That's so cute! I just saw a Christmas sweater for a wine bottle when I was at the store. That's such a fun idea! Now drink that bottle!!


That's so cute.


Um, that's fantastic. AND it'd be a great gift for a certain one of my friends! Hmmm...

Also, I meant to ask, what kind of camera do you use? Your images are gorgeous!


hey i left a comment here and its gone


That is too cute! Can you find out where she got it from? I'd love to buy one for myself...err my mom I mean.

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