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October 07, 2007


Benji Coleman-Levy

You know, I am just a hop skip and a jump away from 'the city.' Next time you're there we'll meet up on market street and sing with a bum.


Oh that's funny! xoxo


Oh, man! What a crummy end to a wonderful evening. Kind of memorable though. Amazing.


hehehe....you're such a good storyteller, Janet!


I LOVE San Francisco, but unfortunately one of my memories involves a homeless person with a bunch of kittens and she was collecting money (she said) to feed her kittens. I wanted to grab up all those kittens and fly home with them. That was 2000. I gave her money though--hoping she would buy cat food. Sorry for my sad story on a Monday! Oh, but to lighten the mood, when I was in downtown Seattle 3 years ago, a homeless person threw rocks at me. He thought I was POINTING at him when, in fact, I was pointing out to my husband a huge flock of pigeons. He started pelting me with rocks!


That's San Francisco for you! I guess now I am prepared if I go to grad school there;-)

Jennifer Berthiaume

A little comforting note: no cute flats at Target. I already looked!


I re-read that sentence twice thinking "did she say pee?" - "oh wait maybe it was metaphorical" which quickly changed to "omg someone was ACTUALLY peeing!"

what is this world coming to?

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