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October 24, 2007



I think those DNA artwork pieces are so cool


Ha, got to love the mutual pumpkin dip linkage. Did you know that you can make pumpkin butter? I am totally intrigued, but the jam-jar-boiling bit has me kind of wary.


The pumpkin dip is so scrumpdillyumpcious! I had some at Rachael's Halloween party and it was definitely something I will like to make.



How is the Magic Bullet treating you? We've debated getting one over a food processor for a while now. We still have nothing but my hot little hands to finely chop things. That at times is a disaster.


I read your blog all the time, rarely comment. Hoping to change that. I have also added you to my blog roll, hope you don't mind.

btw, pretty much any fruit butter can be made in a crock pot and then added to a clean glass jar with a tight lid and refrigerated, to be eaten over a few weeks. It will save you from having to do the entire canning business if that is freaking you out.


Do you love your Magic Bullet? I'm so close to getting one, they just seem a little spendy. xoxo

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