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October 29, 2007



We had so much fun. Thank you so much. Hopefully we will see you guys soon.


red wine and pepsi mixed together?? I try to have people over about once a month for this exact reason it forces me to make the house presentable.


Those beers are HUGE! How did the wine and Pepsi treat you? Never thought of that combo. I end up cleaning once every two weeks because Mike has poker night here, so I feel obligated to clean for guys who are going to sit only in the dining room drinking beer. Ha! At least it gets done right!


exactly what Nicole said! Red wine and pepsi???!! You are brave!

Hey I didn't see you on the blogroll for NaBloPoMo! Go get signed in! I look forward to a law term a day!


AMEN Sister!! I totally invite people over to give myself motivation to clean... and I clean REALLY well, too!

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