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October 19, 2007


Bethany Coffey

Haha, that's hilarious! I've never heard of that. What a no-brainer way to choose a vacay. I'd say that's proof for the "America is getting dumber", theory, but it just makes so much damn sense! Love it. How's Italy looking?


Thats really funny! Do they have a vegetarian version? Say, tofurky or something? My husband and I went to Trinidad and Tobago a couple months ago and it was pretty cheap. The tickets can be a little exspensive but for 10 nights in a vacation rental we paid $300. Not to shabby, eh?


Hats off for eating local food. At some point, I was in Milan early in the morning and really needed a bathroom, so I caved and got a coffe at McD's. Felt incredibly guilty.


I like this! It's so funny


They need to come up with a veggie burger index for us vegetarians. :p


I am the same way on vacation. This weekend I went to a new city and we tried to eat at local places, mostly successfully. We couldn't find a non-chain bagel place though!


HMMM how about Kenya? I bet its cheap there. Though you might want to watch out for Maleria!

By the way.. Al Gore got the Nobel Peace Prize. I see the blog below on Grean Peace stuff and I thought you might be interested because you mentioned Al Gore!

Ok well have a great week!


I have never heard of such craziness but it's pretty funny & smart actually


I am so in love with the blog already.
Nice touch. I love McDonald's. Well actually, I love Jack in the Box...but same thing.

Steven Nix

Please take Egypt off the table...


terrorists and such ITS NOT SAFE! :)

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