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October 03, 2007



My neighbor likes to put our trash cans infront of our garage door, so that when I pull out I hit it :(

Apparently she doesnt like to see garbage cans out on the road. She insists that everybody takes them back in RIGHT after the garbage truck has emptied it.

:: sigh ::

I wish I lived next to Washington's Best Bagger Champion.


That is hilarious! Way to go Mr. Bagger Man. We salute you.

My neighbor just smokes and stares at me all creepily...

touch of red

Neighbor 1
My neighbor talks really loud. I can hear her with my TV on and when her and my doors are shut.
Neighbor 2
The other lets the dog out about 4 f-----g o'clock in the morning, and the dog barks constantly in this deep slowish bark. I, being the good neighbor I am, yell out my back window at the neighbor's house, shut the fuck up dog. And then I go drink a cup coffee.


My neighbor works for the Intelligence Committee in Congress and I'm pretty sure she has a Top Secret clearance. I think those are the only details I'll ever know, or else they'll have to kill me!

Benji Coleman-Levy

I am pretty sure my neighbor goes to some college around here, some college called Bezerkeley or something.


Delurking today.

My neighbor owns all the local NutriSystems...and she is skinny.

My other neighbor is a hoity toity for Central Power and Light.

My neighbor across the street parked his car with expired everythings across from my driveway so I have to be ubercareful not to hit it when I back out...so guess who got a green "move it or we tow it" sticker today?


heh. He'll come in handy when you move again!

A nieghbor of mine toured as a tour photographer for Louis Armstrong. Yeah he's old, but he's got great pics and stories.


My neighbor bangs on my door at least once a week, complaining about how she is a senior citizen and her ceiling leaks.


My neighbor on one side of me works in their yard on Saturday morning at 7am and blasts James Taylor all day long. (I loathe James Taylor). The neigbor on the other side of me rarely remembers to cut their lawn, trim their hedges or clean up their kids toys. Their youngest child screams half the night and his bedroom window must face mine. It is really very pleasant.


This idea of the bagger convention reminds me of "Employee of the Month"... :)


Janet, I'm giving away a Wine Guide on the food blog. If you're interested come by and sign up!


My neighbor drops shit on the floor above my head and hammers things at night. It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have a church full of singers well into the wee hours of the morning directly across my street and streets lined with screaming drunks on the weekends.
I live in Brazil. It's taken a while to get used to living here.


This kind of reminds me how I feel about the national rock paper scissors championship that happens each year - what are people doing with their free time?!

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