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October 22, 2007



Mmm. Sounds delic' and fun too.

Any chance of the pumpkin cake recipe? yum.



Interesting. It sounds like you've found the right law school for you. Enjoy.


I have to ask... was the edamame hummus any good? I LOVE edamame and I LOVE hummus. But together I don't know if they would work...


First off. I loveee pumpkin cake. Secondly, I love hummus (thanks for the recipe!). Thirdly, I hate being an adult and being all MATURE. Bah.


Food is always a plus. Especially when its free! I go to some of the school club meetings just for food ...but that is on of their marketing tactics. I hear them yell ( club members) "free food" so how could I say no when all I've been eating is cup ol' noodle and easy mac.


Edamame hummus sounds heavenly. Edadame from Costco has been a staple in my diet ever since I discovered it in the freezer section last summer.


Edamame hummus?? OH geez YUM those are 2 word I LOVE and I think I'd love them together!! It's along the lines of the Avocado Tempura I had the other day... Tempura, YUM, Avocado, YUM, together, BLISS!!


Sounds fun!
The parties I go to, though
they are all hosted by people
who are out of college,
are still about the cheap beer that they drink!
I mean, you can only drink PBR for so long, but these boys keep on going!

I concure w/ everyone else on the hummus though. It sounds very good!

Mr. Freakin' A

you are never too old to drink at a party.

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