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September 12, 2007



Oh, how I remember the feeling of FINALLY getting my first in-apartment washer and dryer! For weeks, I was drunk on the fumes of Tide and Lavender Vanilla Downy! Delirious with joy!

Congratulations. Your life has just changed dramatically.


I'd think twice about that. I have a baby, and I've done at least two loads a day for the last six months. I'm not afraid to send over the massive amounts of laundry this kid creates on a daily basis.


When we moved into our house, I just about hugged our washer and dryer. So big! And so free! Pure luxury.


I'm so jealous. My day will come.


We have a washer and dryer in a shed attached to the back of our new house. It is heaven! I was more excited about the washing machine than the hardwood floors or the location - no more laundromats and quarters!


Oh, that definitely deserves a huge heartfelt Congratulations! Laudromats suck and I am so happy for you that you don't have to deal with them any more.:-)

Bethany Coffey

Well, congrats! I don't know how you did it for so long! So you wash those clothes, girl and have some celebratory champagne while doing so:)


You can do my laundry! My room is usally messy because I leave my laundry on the floor! I will definitely save you a gift bag. I didn't get a fake ID but did drink others drinks when the bouncers weren't looking!!! See you tomorrow


Congrats, I think.

I only hope that the evil laundry-avoidance fairies don't infect your house like they have mine.

I have a TON of panties for exactly this reason.


I can fully appreciate your excitement!

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