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September 04, 2007



When do you move into your new place?

Barquan Johnson

HAHA..you crazy college students


you can always use the underside of the bathroom counter or the bottom of a drawer. Wow, I really shouldn't know that.


So, did you get the beer open?

touch of red

Not so obvious...
You could have called the front desk.


We move in to our new place on Saturday!

As for the beer, we did get it open using the iron. But calling the front desk probably would have made much more sense. :o)


Very nice. I was once with someone who used their class ring as a bottle opener. That did not turn out well because his ring was soft metal, and now there is a big dent!

SO I got some details for the wedding... not!
But anthony is supposed to be calling me very soon to give me the details about rehearsal and what not and sleeping arrangements! And then I will let you know.


ahaha i once was stranded in a hotel room with a bottle of wine and no cork screw. i DID call the front desk but they said they had already loaned out their cork screw (okay?) but with a little hard work, a hanger and a metal nail file I got that sucker open! Good job on the beer!!


Genius! I will have to share that with my boyfriend -- who I consider a very resourceful beer connoisseur. Doubt he's thought of this one though!


oh my goodness. That reminds me of a similar situation I was once in while going to a conference in Austin. since I was the only over-21yo in the room, and because we were in a hotel that sold alcohol and said no outside stuff was allowed, we knew we couldn't call the front desk.

We ended up opening a bottle on the vents in the bathroom. We then learned that you can use a lighter to open up beer bottles, and the rest of our night went much smoother.

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