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August 29, 2007



Ugh, the dreaded clarifying question. My company breeds inquisition and "collaboration", which means that if you summon up the courage to ask a question during a staff meeting, you're likely to be barraged with a hail of clarifying questions that leave your mouth dry and you looking stupid. Or maybe it's just me.


A fear of fish? Wow!



The fish thing...gotta admit, I've never heard of that one before.


Cheers for the answers! Your blog is always a fabulous break. Now back to the hell that is my dissertation. xo

Bruce Small

You mean I'm not the only one to have fish dreams? For years, when I hated my job, I had dreams of neglected tropical fish. They had not been fed in weeks, there was almost no water in the aquarium or it was filthy, etc. I finally figure out the fish represented me, and I wasn't taking care of myself.

When I started my own successful business the dreams converted to well fed fish in beautifully planted aquariums, and eventually the dreams stopped entirely.

Until two nights ago when I had the longest fish dream ever, and they were in dreadful shape. I've no idea where that came from, because my life has never been better.

We humans are such strange creatures.


I have a question:
If you could go back to your undergraduate days how would you live them differently? Similarly, In college what's one risk you are glad you took?

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