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August 16, 2007



You and my wife have the same undergrad degrees. I'm just saying. As for regime change, I'm all for that one!


I am also supporting regime change, as you call it. However, I haven't totally made up my mind on who, specifically. I guess if I HAD to vote in a primary today, my order would be Edwards, Hillary, then Obama.


i sincerely hope you find a job that will pay for those expensive shoes and still get you home before 10 pm a few times a week.

i agree with you about regime change. i have no idea who i'm voting for next february, but i know exactly who i'm voting for in november '08.


p.s. speaking of "legally pink" if you haven't seen legally blond you must see it ASAP! i'm counting on you to be the next elle woods!


you are so cool.


Yes, the next Elle Woods, but Legally Brunette as you said in the comments section of my blog!! I think a change of regime is definitely in order--I am torn between Obama & Hilary....


i tried to talk her in to going blonde.


"It's like she woke up one day and thought, 'I think I'll go to law school.'"

It's kinda like that, huh?

Glad that you're there and that it's getting started.

Additionally, one of my dearest friends is married to a patent attorney. They have a really nice house.

Just to add fuel to your fire.


Good luck with law school. Every time I think of law school I think Legally Blonde. :)

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