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August 15, 2007



you need a seat cover.


Do you remember those Charmin commercials? How soft, quilted and padded the paper is? ;)


You can probably just buy a new bike seat. I know my bike hurts my ass too.

Where exactly is UC Davis?



See, that's another nice thing about Davis. The bus stops are EVERYWHERE. The buses are a little unreliable if you want to hop on 5 minutes before your class (they're not always on schedule, so I would take the bus at the earlier time), but no matter where in town you are, there's a bus stop near by.

And this is bad, because this is making me want to move back. =)

Pink Chihuahua Princess

I keep coming by to hear the stories of your new life that is beginning. I'm so excited for you!

You're gonna rock law school, promise.


I love that you are riding your bike everywhere & that you are able to do that because Davis is so bike-friendly. I am envious! I am sure your butt problem will get better with time!



8 miles!! I am in awe. I can barely for 1 mile on a stationary bike, at the gym :(


How is Will liking the new job? Is he teaching again?

Hope your hiney feels better -- maybe it will just become numb to the constant pain from riding your bike around town.


I just started biking too! The seat is like a pair of heels... you've just gotta break it in.

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