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July 02, 2007



None of my friends have really started having babies, but we always have trouble with new last names. It's weird when your friend from the age of 5 suddenly isn't Smith anymore.

And I am putting in a serious request to see the pie - flag or no - just so I can stare at the screen in longing. And I want you to know your comment about the flag made me spit some coffee out I laughed so hard.



maybe you should make flashcards


hhaha, hilarious! Andrew also cannot remember the names of his friends' kids! I think he stores that information in MY brain instead.

ally bean

Maybe it should be mandatory that friends put those "Hi, I'm ..." name stickers on all children until the kids are 12. That way there'd be a visual to go with the kid and family. I never can remember kid names either.


That's why we went with Emma...



Sadly, I have quite the time recalling which of our friends' kids is named/aged what. I mean, I manage, but it sometimes takes me a minute if we haven't seen them in a while. Now their pets, those I remember just fine.


As a Friends fan, I encourage you to just curly up with the DVDs more ;-)


I'm sure he got our kids' names right! xoxo

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