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June 26, 2007



That is too funny because while I live on the exact opposite side of the country, I ALWAYS wear sunscreen, too. In fact, I just put some on to soak in for the allotted half hour before going outside. I also despise sitting in the sun. It kind of freaks me out. Who willingly exposes herself to something so harmful? My great grandmother is 84 and my grandmother is 65 and they both have impeccable skin and barely any wrinkles from sun damage because they wore sunscreen. I am thankful they shared their habit with me.


I hate tanning too! When I lived in LA I always felt secretly jealous of the boys on Will Rogers State Beach all bronzed and beautiful but I couldn't help but think when I die, God is going to ask me what I was doing to improve the world on the 3rd Saturday in June, 1985, and I'd have to say "Nothing. I was tanning." and then I'd go to hell.

Guess I'm a little neurotic.


Ugh! Ok, ok...I am SOOOO one of those girls...yep, I go tanning! But I am so pasty white, the color makes me look 1,000 times better and when the tan wears off, I can't stand it. I'm trying to cut back, really I am...I don't want to be one of those orangey girls that spend half their life in a tanning salon, but I definitely need the color!

Oh, and just to prove to you that I'm SO one of those girls...my Mom has had skin cancer...twice!

I know, I'm awful...and after reading this post, I'm embarassed!


I try really hard to remember to wear sunblock on my face every day. I figure that it's easier/cheaper than a face-lift and botox when I'm 40. :p


Great PSA! I've had skin cancer twice (genetic pre-disposition) and NEVER go out in the sun without sunscreen or lay out and bake. That has attributed to years of pasty whiteness, but much healthier skin.


I'm with you -- SPF 15 every day on my face thanks to good face lotion. I'm very pale but freckle easily and I hate being in the sun for longer than five minutes. The humidity is a killer around here!


what kind of SPF face lotion do you prefer? The Coppertone 50?



Ugh...I DESPISE wearing sunblock - but I do it anyway, because I don't want to be a wrinkly old bag (well, that is, I don't want any MORE wrinkles than this). Dyed in the wool Southern California girl, but no tan to match it, even though I tan super-fast.

Shamefully, I MISS being tan. A lot.

class factotum

Amen to sunblock! I was a lifeguard in high school and college and was appalled to see the leathery skin on the old -- you know, in their 30s -- women who spent all day sitting next to the pool. That's when I started to wear a hat and sunblock, even though tans were very fashionable in the late 70s and early 80s.


I find it hard to believe that you think that she looks old and weathered. You obviously have not seen her.

Slice of Pink

Jan, you are so right--I haven't seen her and I bet she is just as lovely as ever. We're all getting a bit older (although I definitely didn't use the word OLD!). The discussion by my students was just a reminder that we all need to protect ourselves from the sun. I commend our teacher for breaking out the straw hat and saving her lovely skin for years to come.

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