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June 18, 2007



okay, seriously, how do you stay so skinny????


ohmygod please stop making me hate your blog.


I am now seriously considering a move to California. Looks scrumptious!


But my goodness - it all looks so so yummy!!


Yum. This makes me want Magnolia Bakery... and it's only as far away as NYC!


That all looks delicious! I love your idea of making a list of things to do this summer. I think that my BF and I might steal your idea. :p


Wowsers. That looks awesome. Have heard about all of these places but have never been (haven't been to LA in years). If I weren't trying to lose baby weight, I'd be all about that sorta day ... hell I'm still all about that sorta day. ;)

Pink Chihuahua Princess

Springles cupcakes with all that icing? I've narrowed my thoughts on this issue down to two things:

1. Lust for the lucious cupcake/icing; and/or

2. I'm really just jealous of all your fun eating.

Congrats to Mr. Pink!

Emily Ann

love this!! and thanks for enlightening me on the "urinal cake". Ahem. GROSS!


Yum, yum!

What's up with Will taking the GRE? Doesn't he have a Master's degree already? Does he have to re-take the test if he wants to do it again?


A frosting shot!!! I've never heard of that! THat's crazy. Crazy good.

And those cupcakes are huge! I wonder if they have a special over-sided mold for them to bake in. The tops are so perfect!


Ok, this might be the best post that I've EVER seen! You're adorable, your husband is HOT, there's actually a hot dog place named 'Pink's', and those cupcakes pretty much look like HEAVEN!!

Sounds like a fun day...I'm jealous!


Have you been to The Chocolate Box Cafe? It's fantastic. Sprinkles kind of reminds me of Le Cupcake in Santa Monica. All this talk of eating and summering makes me want to bake pies and find a hammock.

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