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June 08, 2007



I thought that was an awesome move by Nikon! I"ll have to check out all the pics.

ally bean

Great idea on the part of Nikon. I wonder if this ad campaign that puts the idea that anyone can take a good photo into the heads of the masses, worries professional photographers? Or are they off doing video things now?

Barquan johnson

So yeah, i found da camera...but they is haters, just cause i ain't 18...:-(


Ally - I don't think it worries the real pros - mostly because it is one thing to take and possibly edit/print out a nice picture or two...and an entirely different thing to make money or a living selling them.

I like the boat, but love the ribbons.


Is that the camera you have?

I am going to buy the D40X, but have to wait a bit to order. (Just to make sure that I really want it.)


I just bought the D40 a few weeks ago and I LOVE it. It's such a fun camera and like others, I have been totally amazed at the photos that I have been able to get with it so far. That is so cool that Nikon did that give-away in SC.


What an amazing ad campaign... wish I would have thought of it!

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