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June 27, 2007



Ok, that was just too funny!


I was watching a lovely episode of engaged and underage last night, and the girl who was getting married (who had an 11 month old baby; she was 18 yrs old herself) went to go get a marriage license and the lady had to tell her how to write a check because she had NEVER written a check before. Crazy? Are checks going to be a thing of the past pretty soon because everything will be done online?


Awww, how cute...I remember how exciting it was to write checks when I got my first account. Now, it's just painful!


Those are some pretty freaking awesome checks. Go him!


I don't know which is funnier -- the fact that he's so proud of his checks or the fact that a high school guy would order M&Ms checks.

Either way, YAY for Brian!


Love the checks. I actually wrote a check yesterday. Its the first time in eons.

ally bean

That is a wonderful story. What a hoot. And those checks . . . ?!!


silly young boy


One of my favorite tasks (this is sad) at my job is to write out a check because I don't use my own checkbook. And work checks are huge. So everytime I give one to a supplier, etc, I feel like saying 'and you're the lucky winner of $..."


Hmmm, Barquan with checks? I see a repeat of "Catch Me if You Can."

Barquan johnson



I find that each entry about Barquan is getting better and better. :)


So Brian showed me this blog and as we were laughing we found some definitions on urbandictionary.com that you might appeciate because you know Brian.

1. Ebonics- A poor excuse for a failure to grasp the basics of english. When in doubt, throw an "izzle" sound in the middle of any word of just string random thoughts together and insinuate that they actually mean something. When backed into a corner, you can always claim that it has something to do with a sort of symbolism or is a defining trait that makes your race great, versus own up to the fact that it is essentially laziness at it's finest.
Plim-plizzle, my nizzle, don' foget bouts tha six-fo, chuch, dawg up in da hood, chilly my grilly. fo sho.

2. fooz-
1. Someone who is very cool.
2. Someone who is rockin' on the guitar! :D
3. Someone who's sexy.
That kid Brian is Brian the FOOZ. XD


I would just like to say that I am so glad Barquan identifies himself as, "Barquan Johnson," everytime he posts... because, otherwise, I would confuse him with "Barquan Smith," or maybe even "Barquan Anderson."

Barquan johnson

Checker out!


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