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June 15, 2007



a house? maybe? Oh yeah, you live in cali. Half a house? oh no, wait, that's still not right.

1/4 a house?

Or maybe 343 iPods?

You and 95 friends can have the new iPhone and two years' service?

34,285 Grande Vanilla Bean Fappuccinos?

One of everything at Ikea?

When I put it this way, law school seems like such a better idea.

Barquan johnson

or you can buy barquan for that amount of money :-)


I don't know, I think I would probably put a nice down payment on my dream home in the dream spot.

Is there, like a program or something that you plugged all those stats into or did ya'll actually figure it all up yourselves? Ya'll are good.



Remodel and landscaping. Maybe a trip to Costa Rica and some (more) discount dental work. But definitely remodel/landscaping.


wow, way to put it in perspective

yeah, i'm going to have to go with house... or a snazzy condo downtown


Seeing as how I am starting the whole application process myself, can I say that I would spend it on school? :p


I've always wanted a diamond tiara. I could buy a couple hundred guitars. Or pay to record my next album. A couple trips to Europe (with shoe shopping in Pars) or trekking in Nepal.

And a house would always be awesome.

Pink Chihuahua Princess

Or...you can delay the gratification and buy all those things in less than 5 years. You made the right choice, girl. :)

I'm so excited for you and your new endeavor. All the scary stories aside, law school is a wonderful experience. You will leave its hallowed halls with a much greater appreciation of the world in general.


I'd take the school. grad school and a PhD. or the diamond tiara sounds real good too!


I'd sell my 3 bedroom house and buy a 4 bedroom house. Hopefully 120K would cover it :)

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