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May 02, 2007



Good luck with your packing! I pay about $100 every summer to keep all of my stuff in a storage unit while I am home. I am not a fan of packing.
I think that the colors are an AWESOME choice!


I love redecorating. It's a lot easier to get rid of things when you remind yourself that you're going to replace them with newer, prettier versions. ;)


Well now I'm regretting not offering advice on which Davis apartment complexes were good and which were bad. I'm glad you found a good one though.


Where did that photo come from? Do they give source credits? I'd like to know where everything can be bought...


how fun!


I love the blue and white! So fresh, so clean! I have been thinking of the same quote lately as we prepare to move in the fall. I want to start with a blank slate.


I've become a big fan of Tiffany blue as well, but unfortunately I live with three boys so everything is khaki, black and red.
One day, ONE DAY, I will have a silver, tiffany blue and white sitting room for just me!


ooh.. looks like you've been comment spammed

it is a lot of fun to clean house and set up in a new place. and i'm loving the clean and simple style myself. i can't wait to see what you come up with for your new place!


The colors are so fresh and inviting. I used the same scheme in my new place with touches of chocolate/mocha & taupe woven throughout. Pier1 has some great items as well...


I have found a good way to get rid of stuff, especially when moving, is to do this:

Pack all your stuff into boxes as you normally would.

Move all of the boxes into the garage.

Unpack only your bare necessities such as dishes, bath towels, clothes, etc.

Leave the rest of the stuff in the boxes in the garage.

Make however many trips out to the garage as are necessary to rummage through and find that one thing you were looking for.

After about a year, you will have all the stuff you really need in your house, while the rest of the stuff that you've managed to live without is still packed in boxes. Then it's easier to get rid of all that stuff you've lived without. Especially if getting rid of it is incentive for being able to park in the garage.

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